It has been over 22 years since Toyota introduced the RAV4 to the United States. Not only did Toyota birth the RAV4, but it defined an entire industry segment that evolved into the compact crossover SUV of today.

The 2019 Toyota RAV4 is unlike any previous incarnation of the RAV4.  The fifth generation RAV4 has undergone a serious redesign and has overtaken the Toyota Camry as Toyota’s #1 seller and has bested the competition to become America’s best selling non-pickup in the country. 


What If?

In a recent Toyota commercial, Chase Coleman (the former Oliver, the werewolf, from CW’s hit series The Originals starring Joseph Morgan) questions aloud “What if?”  And the 2019 RAV4 echoes the same sentiment.  What if?  What if we add a healthy dose of visual flair to the exterior?  What if we improve driving dynamics?  And what if we add more variety amongst the trim levels?  What if?

Chiseled Like The Greek God Adonis

The RAV4 is no longer ubiquitous.  The redesigned exterior sports a squared-off shape combined with exaggerated wheel arches and an aggressive-looking front end.  This RAV4 now has a more distinct style and commanding presence.  It is chiseled like the Greek god, Adonis.

When it comes to the different trim levels, the RAV4 offers some impressive aesthetic variation.  The Adventure trim level is adorned with an outdoorsy vibe, while the Limited is draped in a myriad of chrome.  The color palette for the RAV4 is vibrant and even has an option for two-tone combos. 

If the Adventure trim sounds like its for you, this 2019 RAV4 will come equipped for all-weather urban, suburban and trail exploring.  The exterior sports large over-fenders, a more aggressive bumper grille design and fog light surrounds.  

Toyota offers an exclusive color palette for the Adventure trim.  The exterior comes in one of three options: Midnight Black Metallic and Blue Flame (brand new options for RAV4) and Lunar Rock, which is new to the Toyota brand and debuts on this RAV4.

The interior for the Adventure trim is colored in either black or a grade-exclusive Mocha-colored SofTex.  The Mocha SofTex is brand new to the Toyota lineup for 2019.  Orange stitching accents the interior with additional orange ornaments finishing the interior décor throughout the dashboard.

The chrome-loving Limited puts this 2019 RAV4 in the luxury category without having to pay the luxury price.  The exterior features front and rear bumpers with silver accent garnishes, large black over-fenders, gray metallic-colored grille, 19-inch alloy wheels and chrome accents. 

Toyota spares no expense in luxury features that come standard on this trim level.  The interior offers premium comfort and style combined with a standard power moonroof and 8-way power-adjustable driver’s seat with memory and 2-way lumbar support. Heated and ventilated perforated front seating, heated perforated rear outboard seating and panoramic sunroof are also optional.

Debuting on this RAV4 is the Digital Rearview Mirror.  This marks the first time a Toyota vehicle in North America will have this feature.  The display is a conventional rearview mirror but with the flip of a switch, drivers can have an increased field of vision coming through the rearview mirror, showing directly behind the vehicle thanks to a high mounted, adjustable wide-angle, high-definition camera located on the rear of the vehicle.  During the night, the image is brightened for easier visibility.  Glare from headlights and other lights from the road is eliminated to continue to enhance visibility and reduce eye fatigue.


Fashionable, Yet Functional in Mechanicsburg and Harrisburg PA

Toyota designed the interior of the 2019 RAV4 with functionality as a priority without having to sacrifice its fashion sense.  Toyota started with the front cabin by making it more ergonomically sound.  Then Toyota added a more prominent touchscreen infotainment screen that bursts out of the dash and is flanked by volume and tuning knobs and a wide variety of climate-control buttons that make these features even easier to control.

Your rear-seated passengers will find little to complain about, as the RAV4 aims to satisfy their desires.  The rear doors have a large opening angle, reduced distance from the hip point to the rocker and increased distance from the rear seat to the door trim.  These geometric changes make getting in and out of the back of the RAV4, almost as easy as the front. 

Once seated in the rear, your passengers will immediately find and feel the benefit of the greater left and right couple distance and legroom.  And they will absolutely love the added cushioning in the seats, to make their ride more comfortable and more enjoyable.

Previous RAV4 versions have been known for being a “quiet ride”.  But that didn’t stop Toyota at looking to make further improvements to the sound deafening.  Toyota starts with the TNGA platform as its first defense against noise intrusion.  Sound damping and soundproofing materials have been optimized throughout the entire vehicle, especially within in the front cabin.

If that wasn’t enough, Toyota went a step further in filling in holes and gaps with sound damping material for even more noise reduction.  For example, the floor silencer pad is now one large piece and its surface area has been increased from 60% coverage to 92% coverage.

If you desire storage space, the RAV4 has more than enough to satisfy the most wanton drivers.  The front cabin provides a two-tiered dashboard and a large center console.  And for those who need space to haul around heavy cargo, you will enjoy the low load floor that makes loading substantial cargo a piece of cake.


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